Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sensational on the South Side of Chicago

photo by: Jan Mullen, WNPR, Conneticut

Lionel Frederick "Freddy" Cole

When I saw Freddy Cole, a native son of Chicago in 2017,  at the Logan Center I loved him even more. 
He is smooth as glass. Swinging two sets, his piano playing perfection . What a treat!  From his signature “Sensational” and other familiar favorites, to a well known for some of the audience, “On the South Side of Chicago”, (a tune I’m going to add to my song list!) he was just that - sensational. His second set was dedicated to  his brother, Nat.  His delivery of “The Best Man” was perfectly funny - a great song.  Then he sang the blues – “Going Down Slow.” The story is reminiscent of some people we have known and lost.  He ended the show with Bill Withers’ Lovely Day. I’m sure others in attendance felt as I did about this and all his appearances – a lovely show!  [For more info on Freddy’s upcoming appearances check out .    9/27/2018